Dare to Care

Dr Jan Bonhoeffer and Arjuna Ardagh’s book
‘Dare to Care: How to Survive and Thrive in Today’s Medical World’ is out now!

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“Dare to Care is a book about the magic of medicine and life. Patients long for caring and connection when they are ill, and the doctors who come to this profession full of care and compassion often leave feeling drained and diluted as human beings because they forget who they are. In this book, you will be reminded that essential harmony and well-being is your natural state, and what you have been looking for in any doctor you have sought. It offers an invitation to join a new bandwidth of caring, intuition, holism, and love, to ride the waves of living beyond the norm.”

— from the foreword by Dr. Srini Pillay, Harvard Medical School.

Dare to Care is a wonderful book: full of wisdom, insight, and compassion. I warmly recommend it to all doctors, but especially those in the early years of training, to be read before too much of the “hidden curriculum” has hardened their outlook on the profession.

Peter Sullivan, M.D.Emeritus Professor Pediatrics, University of Oxford Medical School, UK

Dare to Care is a heartwarming book that uses letters from Dr. Bonhoeffer to his goddaughter, a resident physician. Through these letters, Dr. Bonhoeffer imparts his wisdom, experience and, most important, his compassion not only to his goddaughter but to each of us. Whether you’re a medical student or seasoned physician, this book will remind you of why you became a physician.

James DotyMDProfessor of Neurosurgery, Stanford University School of Medicine

A great book! It gives us − medics and patients − a simple truth that everyone knows, but almost nobody bothers about in actual practice: Healing is not only about scientific facts and medical technology (which are important enough); it is also about love. This book contains more wisdom than a bookshelf of recent publications in philosophy.

Olaf MüllerPhD Professor of Philosophy of Science and Nature, Humboldt University, Berlin

This book is so much deeper than just a dialogue between a physician and a medical student; it cuts right to the essence of healing and what it means to be human.

Thom HartmannNationally syndicated radio host

In Dare to Care, the authors astutely describe the exquisite art of medicine. Physician burnout and disillusionment is often the result of extreme focus on the business and science of medicine, often at the exclusion of the sweetness of the physician-patient relationship. The art of medicine does indeed require us to become daring enough to care. This book is a must-read for all medical professionals.

Kavitha ChinnaiyanMD Professor of Medicine, Oakland University, Michigan USA Author of The Heart of Wellness, Glorious Alchemy, and Shakti Rising

A bare-all, honest and lovingly written book that serves as a reminder to all of us of the purpose of medicine. Through the vivid descriptions of many soul-searching experiences, Dr. Bonhoeffer is showing us how the journey of a medical doctor is intertwined with life. This is a journey of love at its core, where passion, service, honesty to oneself and others, humility, devotion, commitment, and intense reflection are necessary complements. Very much like life itself. It takes courage to share one's journey, and Dr. Bonhoeffer does so with grace and elegance.

Flor M. MunozMD, MSc Associate Professor of Pediatrics Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas

Dare to Care is a compassionate, heartfelt, love-filled narrative about the true vocation and practice of medicine. A much-needed book to be read on this mechanized and corrupt medical model.

Carlos WarterMD, PhD Psychiatrist, Guest Lecturer, University of California San Diego Author of "Recovery of the Sacred", "Who Do You Think You Are? The Healing Power of Your Sacred


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